Want a hand to create a special event or film season?

Do you need to better balance your organisation’s cultural vision with its commercial needs?

Looking to set up a new audience development project?

Need a hand with something that isn’t film?   (I do that too).

As an experienced film programmer with 15 years of experience in a one of the UK’s busiest leading independent cinemas I can give you specialist (and common-sense) advice and assistance.

General film programming.

Whether you’re working across mainstream or specialised film, your audience should always define your decision making and your programme should be reflective of their needs as much as it is your company’s cultural vision and bottom-line.

My approach is to put audiences at the heart of the programming process and I use my sensibilities and experience as a marketing specialist to inform my decision-making. We’ll look closely at your sales data to define what works and what doesn’t, and then overlay that with your ambitions for your programme.

Programmes which I’ve been responsible for have deliberately catered for new customers, casual cinemagoers and very regular attenders, and I place great value on ensuring that the end result is suitably broad in reach and deep in content.

Audience development initiatives and special events.

I’ve worked on festivals, seasons and first run programmes, with mainstream, specialised, repertory film and more.

Audience development projects I’ve worked on have catered for a variety of audiences – including specific communities, older audiences, young people, families, parent/carers and babies, and more.  I’ve also developed access and dementia-friendly screening projects.

I’ve worked with hundreds of event partners in the public, private and third sectors to deliver successful one-off events in ‘traditional’ venues, pop-up spaces and the great outdoors.  I also have lots of  experience in devising and delivering onstage Q&As.


I can help you set ambitious and achievable performance targets for your film programme and I’ll draw on my marketing experience to offer you advice on how you can achieve them.

Somewhere within all this is the answer to your own programming conundrum.  Whether it’s a consultation, a half day workshop to help you write your programming policy, or if you’d like to engage me longer term, I’m ready to help.

Drop me a line.